This week efforts transitioned heavily towards completion of the front commercial and residential lots in the Villas. Grading crews made significant headway establishing rough grades on the Cherry Tree Blvd. roadway as well as the adjacent commercial and residential pads. Rough grades were nearly established Friday in the residential lots near Plaza del Rio. A dozer and two scrapers were dedicated to the task of transporting up to 10’ of cut from the mid-potion of the commercial site to the perimeter of the adjacent residential sites on Plaza del Parque. These lots are expected to achieve rough grades early next week. In the meantime, another dozer and compactor were tasked with removing a significant cut centrally located on the site. This required the removal of as much as 20’ in some areas. This was very close nearly approaching grade on Friday. Another dozer moved through the site addressing cut/fill areas as needed. Later in the week it was heavily utilized on the front commercial and residential pads.


Efforts will be directed towards establishing rough grades of the commercial and front residential parcels in the coming week. This is the immediate priority.