As one of Lake Havasu City’s premier custom home builders Janecek Homes Inc has been building beautiful quality custom homes for over 30 years. Melding quality craftsmanship and livable luxury, Janecek Homes Inc has set the standard which discerning high-end homeowners desire to live and other home builders want to build.

Janecek Homes Inc and it’s talented craftsman understand that their clients needs and desires are the most important building material they possess. These materials form the foundation upon which to fashion a strong relationship built on trust and understanding – one that begins at the design phase and will continue long after moving into your new home.

Founded with a background in framing and labor, we know how important your home is and what it takes to build the home of your dreams. It’s this hands-on approach that gives us the knowledge and experience to create the best product possible. Janecek Homes’ keys to success are the strong relationships that have been built with our clients, architects, engineers, and subcontractors over the years. These relationships develop and evoke trust and confidence within our team, which lead to an innovative project management approach. Janecek Homes dedicates itself to the traditions it was built upon, to its community, and the customers it serves.

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