Throughout the week, efforts were primarily dedicated towards completion of the Phase 1 commercial and residential lots. During the first half of the week, crews approached rough grades on parcels to the south of Cherry Tree Blvd. Refuse will need to be removed for completion of rough grades. Work then transitioned to the north side of Cherry Tree Blvd. where crews obtained rough grades on the adjacent commercial and residential parcels. Each day, two scrapers and a dozer were dedicated to these efforts while the remaining equipment was utilized to continue shaping central potions of the site. The Cherry Tree Blvd. centerline was further extended northeasterly into the central portion of the site. On Friday crews began cutting dirt from the water tank site and dispersing it amongst areas requiring fill at the back of the site. The uppermost cul-de-sac is rapidly approaching rough grade because of fill made available from the water tank.


Efforts will remain concentrated toward the establishment of rough grades at the front of the site before immediately shifting to the establishment of final grades. Crews will continue shaping terraces and addressing the remaining fill locations. Scrapers will continue to be heavily utilized as longer hauls are now required. The primary emphasis will remain on the establishment of final grades at the front of the site.