Grading plan adjustments were made this week to improve lot and roadway elevations. Significant work is being conducted on and around the northeastern portion of the Villas property adjacent to El Dorado Wash northerly to the Cherry Tree Blvd. extension. Rough graded parcels are approaching completion at the western portion of the site. The Cherry Tree Blvd. extension has been further extended northeasterly. Surveying and staking has stayed well ahead of grading efforts. Significant earthwork has begun at the hills in the central portion of the site, with some resistance has been met as rock formations have been uncovered in the process. Crews have been able to work around this while determining the best course of action required to improve these conditions. No significant time has been lost in the process.


Grading efforts will proceed northeasterly through the site with plans to continue pushing earth from areas of greater elevation to those of lower elevation. Parcels immediately south of the Cherry Tree Blvd. extension have begun and will continue to be raised, as these areas will be requiring significant elevation increases. Terraced lot immediately adjacent to El Dorado Wash will continue to take shape as earth is cut from hills in the central portion of the site.